9 Tips for Designing Effective Landing Pages

Brendan Schneider
7 min readSep 30, 2020
9 Tips for Designing Effective School Marketing Landing Pages

As school marketers develop a more sophisticated approach to digital marketing, they’re bound to encounter new marketing strategies. If you haven’t already, you will likely consider the use of landing pages at some point in time.

You might be wondering how landing pages might fit into your school marketing plan. While developing a landing page might seem like a simple enough task, there are certain tactics and elements you need to include in order for them to perform well.

What is a Landing Page?

Technically, a landing page refers to any page a user lands on, including pages on your website. However, marketers usually think of a landing page as a stand-alone page that is focused on a single purpose. An example of a landing page might be an inquiry form a parent fills out or a webform a visitor fills out in exchange for a lead magnet.

Types of Landing Pages

In general, a landing page is a part of a sequence prospective parents are expected to take on their
enrollment journey. A landing page makes it very clear what the outcome will be if someone submits their information or makes a purchase. If you’re running paid advertising, a landing page will be the next step in the sequence when someone clicks through from the ad. Using the right type of landing page will help ensure the best return on investment from your advertising spend.

Landing Page Versus Homepage

Some school marketers may wonder why they can’t use their website homepage as a landing page. You can, but it is less likely to get a conversion than a landing page. By conversion, I mean the visitor takes the action you are asking them to — usually that means filling out a form in the realm of school marketing.

A homepage is filled with a lot of information and provides access to your main navigation and other clickable elements. If a prospective parents lands on your homepage they are likely to want to look around (that’s a good thing — right?) But if they click through to a landing page with just one objective, they are more likely to take the action being offered such as completing an inquiry form.

Brendan Schneider

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