How to Use Instagram Messenger Ads to Market Your School

Did you know that you can now run Instagram Messenger ads that will link to your Facebook Messenger? This gives you the capability to carry on a conversation with anyone that responds to your ad within Messenger.

Why Use Messenger Ads for Marketing?

Messenger is a great tool for building relationships with potential students because it offers open dialog and an experience that is tailored to the questions prospective parents may have. Messenger offers scalability and builds unique experiences through live chat opportunities. Here is data that you might find interesting about the power of marketing through Messenger.

  • More than 1.2 billion people use Messenger every month
  • Nearly 20 million active Facebook Pages use Messenger messages every month.
  • There are now over 100,000 monthly active bots on the Messenger platform
  • Over 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month, including both automated and people-initiated messages.
  • Top brands are seeing results. For example, Sephora saw an 11 percent increase in booking rates through Messenger than compared to other marketing channels.

Messenger Ads Complement Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram

With this new feature, Facebook is offering a way for its three major brands — Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram — to complement each other. Brands can now run ads from within Facebook that run on Facebook’s photo-and-video sharing app that links to a marketer’s account in Facebook’s messaging app. This builds on Instagram and Messenger’s abilities to be a commercial conduit for businesses. This feature can be dovetailed with the ability of Messenger to automatically interact with customers using a chatbot, even performing such actions as allowing the customer to download a lead magnet or watch a video about your school.

As with Facebook, Instagram supports brands in attracting a target audience and establishing a relationship with the people in that audience. Messenger is now being hailed as the place to convert those audience members into customers and manage relationships with those customers.

The new Instagram Messenger Ads can be used in a variety of ways to augment your current marketing portfolio.

Here are some ways marketers are using Messenger Ads

  • As an alternative to email marketing.
  • As a way to build and nurture relationships.
  • As a way to reach prospective enrollees directly in Messenger.
  • To bridge the gap between brand awareness and providing the educational information they need to set up that initial appointment to tour your campus.
  • Link to photo, video or carousel ads
  • Use Messenger referral codes to open a specific line of conversation rather than a generic message. For example, a video could showcase a sports activity based on a parent’s interest in a certain sport for their child.
  • To track Messenger-specific metrics like the number of messages, new conversations, and blocks that an ad triggered.

How to Set Up an Instagram Messenger Ad

Here are 8 steps to take to set up a Messenger ad.

  1. Go to Ads Manager and choose “Create a New Campaign.”
  2. Choose the objective titled “Messages”.
  3. Edit your Audience, Budget and Schedule just like you would a regular Facebook ad.
  4. Create your ad creative. Keep in mind you can’t use Slide Show formats for Instagram. You can’t use the Canvas format, but you can use Carousel, Single Image or Single Video.
  5. Use Quick Creation to upload your images, videos and set up your content, quick replies, and buttons. Use JSON creation if you have someone who knows coding for the Messenger platform.
  6. Send a preview of your message to yourself in Messenger by clicking View Preview within the Set Up Messenger Content tool or click Send Test Message.
  7. To finish editing your ad, click Done.
  8. Place your order to publish your ad.

Instagram is currently the hottest platform for marketing and display advertising because Instagram users, including parents, find it attractive. It is a popular place for millennials to “hang out” online. With the new Instagram Messenger ads, you can create real conversations with users and generate new enrollees for your school. It’s smart, it’s focused, and it can be set to detect the type of questions that are being asked and can start an initial conversation until you are able to respond in a live chat. This new ad offering could be an interesting way to generate more direct engagement, help to boost your subscriber lists and deliver an improved, focused experience.

Have you used Instagram Messenger Ads to market your school? If so, we’d love to hear your experience setting them up and the results you received. Please take a moment to share with your fellow school marketers in the comments below.

Originally published at SchneiderB Media.



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