How to Use Instagram Video to Help Your School on Social Media

Brendan Schneider
4 min readSep 19, 2017

One of the best ways to reach parents, students and teachers is to communicate with them on Instagram. This is because your school community is active on social media. Instagram is becoming more and more video-based. Your school will find it easier to reach out to the school community if you use the power of Instagram video.

Here are a few ways you can draw attention to your school using Instagram videos.

Share Important Events

Parents, students and teachers all love to remember an event. One way you can do this is to collect some photos taken at your event and create a video recap that lets Instagram followers see how great the event was or what students have accomplished. Whether it’s about a school-wide event, a team event, a classroom project or field trip, a video shared helps parents see what activities their kids have been involved in and gives prospective parents an opportunity to see your school “behind-the-scenes.”

Have several events to share of important dates parents and students should remember? Create a video newsletter to keep everyone in the loop.

Inspire Teachers

Instagram isn’t just used for quotes and photos of food. Instagram can be a powerful learning and educational tool for educators. Here are some ideas for using Instagram videos for education.

  • set up and use of learning spaces, classrooms, libraries, maker spaces, etc.
  • Bulletin boards and classroom displays
  • innovative ideas
  • learning activities
  • have students participate by recording a short video that can be sent to you (by the teacher) for review before being uploaded to the school’s Instagram account

Instagram Video Stories

An Instagram story is another way to reach Instagram followers. When you publish a Story, your account’s profile will appear in a circle above your followers’ feeds. A Story can be a single photo or a video or a series of videos. Stories are temporary and will expire after 24 hours.

To add a Story, click the camera button at the top left of your Instagram Home screen. Media choices include:

  • Normal. Take a photo or record a video by holding down the button. Release the button to stop recording.
  • Boomerang. Tap the button to capture a very short video that will be looped back and forth.
  • Hands-free: Begin recording video by tapping the button. Tap again to stop recording.
  • From your library. This is not listed in the options, but you can swipe up to reveal photos and videos added to your device’s Library in the last 24 hours.

After you have your photo or video, Instagram provides a few tools at the top of the screen. You can choose to

  • mute audio
  • use stickers and emojis to overlay on the photos or videos
  • select different brushes and draw in a variety of colors and thicknesses
  • add text to type on the photos or videos in a variety of colors.

After you have added your embellishments, click the Add to Your Story button (with the +) to publish it.

Click here to download the free pdf

Some things to know about Instagram Stories include:

  • videos (and photos) must be in portrait format
  • videos are limited to 3–60 seconds in length (but you can add a series of multiple videos on your Story)
  • you can play several photos in a row as a slideshow
  • there are no “Like” buttons or commenting on Instagram Stories
  • Stories only appear in the mobile version of Instagram
  • you can see who has viewed your Stories
  • Stories will be deleted in 24 hours
  • hold your finger on the screen to pause a Story
  • mention an Instagram account by entering the username preceded by the @ symbol in a text box. For example, @schniederb
  • if you mention another Instagram account in your Story’s text, Instagram will make the text a clickable link that opens that account’s profile. It will also notify the account about the mention.
  • to add an additional photo or video to your Story, click the camera button at the top left of your Instagram Home screen.

Social Media Ads

Video ads are a powerful way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. Private schools rely on admissions and donations, so video ads can be a wise investment in your development portfolio. Videos present your school in a lively, dynamic way that attracts parents and students to learn more.

Real-world applications in the classroom

No matter what type of social media networks you are using for marketing, or even for educational purposes, your education and instruction curriculum should include video.

Instagram continues to grow and evolve. It is the third largest social media site (after Facebook and YouTube.) Instagram video is a great way to show what is special about your school, grow your Instagram followers and increase admissions and donations for your school.

Have you used Instagram video for your school? What questions do you have about using Instagram video for your school?



Brendan Schneider

Brendan is the Founder of SchneiderB Media, a digital marketing agency for schools, and the MarCom Society, a community for MarCom professionals at schools.