Top 8 Instagram Apps for Schools

Top 8 Instagram Apps for Schools

Instagram has rapidly gained popularity in the last six years, and its growth and importance for school marketing continue to expand. A recent study by Flurry Analytics found that 90% of U.S. mobile users’ time is spent in applications. Instagram was created as an application platform, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which were created as browser-based platforms. In today’s mobile world, apps are a key part of how people interact with content and, when it comes to Instagram, with visual content.

Instagram is all about visual content, which makes it such a great school marketing retention platform. It’s a simple way to engage with your target audience. Many people prefer Instagram over other social networks because it is less cluttered and easy to use. It gives you 2,220 characters to express yourself, including 33 hashtags, which is great for discoverability.

Standing out in Instagram is important in your school marketing efforts because it recently introduced an algorithmic feed, meaning not all uploads will be viewed in your followers’ feeds. In order to be seen, you will need to upload images that are attractive and exciting. Using a third-party app that helps you create and edit photos and videos is an integral part of creating photos that will be liked and shared. Third-party apps give you more tools — and precision — over the look of your posts than the built-in Instagram apps.

The school environment is ripe for taking pictures (just make sure you have those photograph permissions on file from parents if you’re taking pics of kids.) Taking pictures of current students is a no-brainer for marketing; pictures of kids and parents are pure gold. Consider taking pics of staff at work, classrooms, outdoor areas, offices, even pics of that favorite cafeteria person could be interesting. Alumni (where are they now?), admissions, kids going on field trips or other activities all will help you tell the story of your school using images.

And using third-party apps to edit and enhance those photos will ensure your social networks will progress exponentially. To help you do that, I encourage you to download the following Instagram apps.

  1. Hands down I love Snapseed for schools because it allows you to adjust the colors and contrast in your image. It’s a great app because you can make minor tweaks to fine tune the photo, so it still looks natural.

There you have it — the top 8 Instagram Apps for schools. These apps are easy and fun to use; they will make your images stand out on Instagram and help with your school marketing efforts.

What are your favorite Instagram apps? I’d love to hear from you — post your comments below!



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Brendan Schneider

Brendan is the Founder of SchneiderB Media, a digital marketing agency for schools, and the MarCom Society, a community for MarCom professionals at schools.